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  "First choice to sell or to buy a car".
Welcome to the vehicle market place at the drive in theatre in Essen. Visit the largest second hand car market in Europe.
Every Saturday up to 1.500 used cars. First choice to sell or to buy a car.

Automarkt Essen
Livestream Essen
Every Saturday between
6a.m. and 5p.m.
Up to 1.500 used cars !
Up to 3.000 potential buyers !

Autokino Essen
Sulterkamp 70
45356 Essen


All others:

25,00 €
43,00 €
3,00 €
Privately: your name is in the vehicle registration document
All others: your name is not in the vehicle registration document
You need a travel-trade, if your name isn't in the registration documents.
You will receive a travel-trade at your city administration.
Truck Automarkt Essen Kassenhauschen Automarkt Essen

  Vehicle Insurance and registration service on site:  
Leckebusch GmbH
Sulterkamp 54 (Am Autokino)
45356 Essen

Phone: 0049 - 2 01 - 61 90 70
Fax:0049 - 2 01 - 61 99 79
e-mail: info@kfz-zulassung.de

Temporary license plates
Temporary license plates available on site

Cancel your vehicle insurance
It's possible to take a vehicle off the road.

In questions to services and prices please contact the company
Leckebusch GmbH
Number plates
Costums plates available on site
Please inform yourself about the import regulations of your country.
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